Grant Evaluation Form

If you were awarded a Foundation Grant, you must complete an evaluation form at the end of your grant-funded project. This form gives the Foundation board an understanding of how you used the funds for your classroom goals.

Individuals involved with project:

Please answer the following questions on a separate document and attach the file here:

1.) Is this a project that you would recommend doing again at your school or for another school? Why or why not? 2.) Did you achieve the expected impacts/outcomes? Why or why not? If you used a survey or other method to measure success of this project, please describe the results achieved (i.e. students now able to qualify for accelerated classes, more active involvement by students in class discussions, greater appreciation for environment as evidenced by students carrying out projects at home, etc.).

Evaluations are due within 30 days after grant project completions. Late evaluations are accepted only if prior arrangements are made with the Spokane Public Schools Foundation. NOTE: All grant fund expense reimbursements and your evaluation form must be received before future applications will be considered.