Mar 26, 2020

SPOKANE, WA - Spokane Public Schools Foundation cancels spring 2020 fundraiser Bowling for Kids.

As you are all aware with the recent outbreak of COVID-19 and the shutdown of non-essential services, many activities and events have been cancelled. SPSF has come to the hard conclusion that Bowling for Kids will not happen in May as scheduled. With the uncertainty that is happening in our world, we want to ensure that you and your families health is kept top of mind.

As many of you know, Bowling for Kids is one of two major fundraisers that SPSF puts on each year and this cancellation will have a major impact on the grants that we will be able to award to teachers.

To our sponsors: It is our hope that you will consider applying the lane reservation that you have already made to SPSF as an early donation toward our STEAM event in October, joining us as a corporate sponsor. If you are interested in hearing more about the STEAM Event, please contact us to be added to the event list.

Additionally, SPSF has added a COVID-19 Assistance line item to our online donation form help aid in our communities food insecurity, related to the outbreak.

We do however realize that not every group or organization can make a donation and understand completely. Please contact us to request a refund.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash