Lisa White

Board Member

Executive Director, Slingshot

Lisa White is a professional educator, consultant, and former administrator with Spokane Public Schools. She has a career spanning thirty-three years including directorship in Express Child Care Programs, Career and Technical Education (CTE) and Afterschool Programs, and Summer STEM Camps. Lisa leads with a focus on social justice and equity, workforce and economic development, and access to high quality academic enrichment and after school experiences for all children and youth pre-K – higher ed.

Lisa has held leadership roles in local, state and national boards and panels, advising various industries on best-practice working with students and families. Lisa is known for connecting with students and families in deep and meaningful ways.

Lisa has joined Slingshot as the Executive Director leading overall strategic and operational responsibility for Slingshot’s staff, programs, expansion, and execution of its mission. They will develop deep knowledge of core programs, operations (organizational and financial), and business planning.

Lisa is the proud parent of three beautiful daughters Krysten (32), Neva (23) and Bailey (21).

Lisa is an alumna of Gonzaga University with a master’s degree in Educational Administration.