2018 – 2019 Grants Awarded

STEM and the Arts are among the items that the 2018-19 Spokane Public Schools Foundation grants will purchase for classroom projects and programs. The Foundation will present a check for $35,552, the total awarded to 51  grant applicants, to the SPS Board of Directors at the regular board meeting Wednesday. Since its beginning nine years ago, the Foundation has awarded more than $170,000 in grants.

“It is so exciting and rewarding to visit the classrooms to see the creative use of the funds and how we are making a difference for the kids and teachers,” said SPSF President Gerald Winkler.

The Foundation provided grants ranging from $200 to $1,000 to school district staff for a variety of programs, equipment purchases, and creative projects that enhance student learning. Grants are awarded based on a number of criteria, including need, number of students affected, free and reduced lunch rates, and overall uniqueness.

This year there was over $50,000 in grant requests, showing the need for support of these important resources

Listed below are 2018-19 Spokane Public Schools Foundation grant recipients:

2018-2019 Grant Recipients

One-to-One Computing – Salk Middle School – 7th – 8th Grade Teachers, Benjamin Morgan, Ryan Corigliano, Britten Jay, Jim Leach

World Drumming Ensemble – Stevens Elementary – Music Teacher, Shawn Tolley

Flexible Seating: A Classroom for the future – Woodridge Elementary – 1st Grade Teacher WendiRae Putzke

Math Matters: Promoting Participation in Math – Garry Middle School – 7th Grade Teacher, Kyla Gellerson

West-African/Afro-Cuban Drumming – The Community School – 9th Grade Teacher – David Egly

Core Knowledge Virtual Field Trip Lab – Balboa Elementary – 6th Grade Teacher, Stephanie Kubej

North Central 11th Grade AVID Seattle College Trip – North Central High School  – 11th Grade Teacher, Matt Johnson

Middle School Outdoor Education Opportunity – Spokane Public Montessori – 7th Grade Teacher, Erin Schmidt

Morning Tubs for Growing Minds – Roosevelt Elementary – 1st Grade Teacher, Sara Ball-Vadeboncoeur

Lenovo Winbooks for Blended Learning and Technology Access – Garry Middle School – 7th Grade Teacher, Haley Thompson

Bringing Nabi Tablets Into the Classroom – Logan Elementary – 1st Grade Teacher, Kimberly Slater

Real Life Applications Through Hands-On Experiences – Glover Middle School, 8th Grade Teacher, Brenda Cunningham

Sacajawea Theatre Guild – Sacajawea Middle School, 8th Grade Teacher, Adrienne Kilbourne

Enhance Literacy and Improve Oral Language for English Language Learners Through I Pads – Logan Elementary – ELL Teacher, Maria Esther Zamora

Balboa Elementary Drumming – Balboa Elementary – 3rd Grade Teacher, Katie Munro

ALEKS Adaptive Math Program – Logan Elementary – 3rd Grade Teacher, Judy Reavis

Fidgets and Calming Corners for All Students – Grant Elementary – Kat Hawker

Healthroom Grant for Classroom Success – Grant Elementary – Heidi Hash

Spokane Virtual Learning Summer School Need Grant – Spokane Virtual Learning – 9th Grade Teacher Ted Baycroft

Words Their Way Leveled Library – Shaw Middle School – Teachers, Marcy Ray, Kamian Truman and Jewel Johnston

Read180 Library – Additional Audio Books and Novels – Sacajawea Middle School – 7th Grade Teacher, Nancy Nicholas

Summer Mental Health Outreach – Holmes, Finch and Audubon Elementary  – Janine Carolus

Listen to Reading Program – Roosevelt Elementary – Darcie Josephson

Healing in the Classroom – Longfellow Elementary – 3rd Grade Teacher, Deanna Dashiell

Second Step Grade 4 Classroom Kit – Lincoln Heights Elementary – 4th Grade Teacher, Lisel Cornell

Wiggle to Focus – Westview Elementary  – Kari Cunningham

Technology Access for Students with Disabilities – Regal Elementary – 4th Grade Teacher Laura Hamilton

Project 100% College Application Completion – John R. Rogers High School – 12th Grade Teacher – Joe Phipps

Community and Collaboratin Enhanced by Classroom Design – Willard Elementary – 4th Grade Teacher, Mariah Ochoa

STYLE – Songwriting Through Youth Literature Education – Westview Elementary, 4th Grade Teacher, Amanda Monger

Wool & Wires: A STEAM Art Unit – Salk Middle School – 7th Grade Teacher, Colleen MacIver

See Them Wobble, See Them Learn – Cooper Elementary, 2nd Grade Teacher, Kim Magner

Curiosity Through Independent Reading, Libby Center Spanish Immersion – 1st Grade Teacher, Kate Hellenthal

Using Visual Thinking Strategies in Writing and Science – Garfield Elementary – 3rd Grade Teacher, Marion Bageant

Flexible Seating in 6th Grade ELA – Libby Center – Odyssey – 6th Grade Teacher, Jessi Arp

Incentive Based Parenting Program – Bemiss Elementary, 1st Grade Teacher, Brooke Miller

After-School TAKE ROOT Program – Shaw Middle School – 8th Grade Teacher, Rhonda Leibrecht

Bridging Literacy Through Graphic Novels – Shaw Middle School – 7th Grade Teacher, Tim Lewis

Fieldtrip to UW Math Day – Shadle Park High School – 12th Grade Teacher, Aubrey Smith

Sheridan’s Community Garden – Sheridan Elementary – Christina Grieshaber

Trout in the Classroom  – Roosevelt Elementary – Melissa Pearcy

Scooter Boards: A New Perspective on Movement – Garry Middle School – Fitness and Health Teacher, Scott Numata

Magnos Sonmia – Garry Middle School – Principal, Wendy Watson

Expanding Thunderbean Coffee – Sacajawea Middle School, 7th Grade Teacher, Melaina Cole

Long Term Access to Raz Kids: Comprehensive Literacy Program for Kids – Bemiss Elementary – 1st Grade Teacher, Katie Wood

STEM and Engineering Bins for my Littlest Scientists – Linwood Elementary – Teacher, Emily O’Halloran