Grants Applications (Closed)

The grant application for the 2019-20 academic year are open. For the applicants who were awarded a Foundation grant last year (2018-19), you must submit an evaluation form on your grant. The evaluation form may be located here.

The Spokane Public Schools Foundation offers four grant programs designed in conjunction with Spokane Public Schools to address specific needs. Examples of funding opportunities under each type of program are described below.

  • Enhancement of Student Achievement and Success.
    Not all students can afford the courses, supplies, and testing that is important for academic success. The goal of this program is to provide the opportunity for high school students with limited financial resources to enroll in any academic class offered by their high school, especially those associated with graduation requirements, preparation for college or college admission. Examples may include: summer school scholarships, AP tests, SAT tests, ACT tests, school supplies, and AVID Program (Advancement Via Individual Determination).
  • Enrichment of Classroom Environment and Learning Experiences.
    Currently, not all teachers have the budgets to pursue innovative teaching techniques, curricula or activities that enhance the current program. The purpose of the Classroom/School Enrichment Grants is to support innovative educational projects that enhance student learning in a classroom, grade level or school project in an original or innovative way and that actively engage students in an enriching learning experience. Examples may include: classroom enrichment materials (grade schools), math/science clubs, creative teaching projects, “out of school time” grants, and IDEA grants.
  • Support Programs With Community-Wide Impact.
    Whereas the first two types of grant programs are intended to benefit individual students or classrooms, this category encompasses programs with a broad or community-wide impact. Examples may include: spring band/orchestra arena concert, elementary cross- country programs, and miscellaneous community/school interface programs.
  • Numerica Classroom Program Grants

Supporting programs focused on innovation and collaboration resulting in broad outreach and experiences.  Numerica Credit Union is sponsoring two grants up to $2500 each.  These grants will be awarded to programs that address the needs of SPS students using programs that focus on innovation, collaboration, or both.  Examples include utilization of new technology and innovation to engage and support students, career planning, community experiences, and programs that widen the possibilities of what might be in a student’s future.  Community service opportunities or programs that support a brighter tomorrow that are in line with Numerica’s core purpose of Enhancing Lives, Fulfilling Dreams, and Building Communities are encouraged to apply. Numerica is proud to support the creative use of funds to strengthen existing programs or resources, create sustainable solutions, and support partnership between classrooms and schools.  The definitions for innovation and collaboration are only limited by the creativity of the grant applicant

Who May Apply
Spokane Public Schools administrators, principals and teachers
A staff member, student or parent sponsored by certificated staff may also apply.

Applicants may apply individually or as team members. No applicant may submit more than one grant application per year.  However, schools are not limited to the number of grant applications submitted.  When a grant is awarded, the recipient(s) may reapply the following year, however grant evaluations must be submitted when the funded grant is completed each year including the success of your project and methods of evaluation (if applicable). Student feedback is strongly encouraged.

When To Submit A Grant Application
The application window each year is from January 4 – April 15. For example, Monday, April 15, 2019 is the application deadline for the 2019-20 school year.

How To Submit A Grant Application
The grant application is available online here. Applicants must fill out all spaces and attached the necessary documents to be considered. The Foundation board committee will then review the proposal and notify applicants upon completion of their decision.